Friday, June 25, 2010

Adjusting contrast

Tip of the day... when you're adjusting contrast in an image do it in black and white. It's much easier to see the differences when there is no color involved.

I use Lightroom and I just slide the saturation slider down all the way. There are other ways to get there, but this is my method. Then I adjust my contrast, brightness, blacks, exposure, etc... then I slide the saturation slider back. You can use the same process with ACR in Photoshop.

Maybe someday, if I get the energy, I'll take some screen shots and make a tutorial for those who are just learning. But really, it's not difficult and can make a big difference in your final image.

**** OK, my beloved, who is my Photoshop guru asked "What's ACR?". I thought it was a given, but then he's not a photographer. Adobe Camera Raw. It's that window that pops open in Photoshop when you open a RAW file. In older versions of PS you have to download the plug-in.

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