Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've always thought I was somewhat of a purist when it comes to photography. My rule of thumb has been not to go much beyond what I could accomplish in a traditional darkroom. Meaning dodging, burning, adjusting exposure, using filters for contrast....

I was going for an older feel here.

Then  I started hanging out on a site where there are a LOT of people getting what I would call "Photoshop happy" on their images. Some do take it too far, but I started to see some really nice effects. Then I start to think back to things I did in the darkroom. Things that were considered by some to be extreme and not "pure photography" at one point in time.

The one on the left I went for a sort of lomo effect, at least that's how it started. The one on the right is pretty much SOOC.

And I realized I am a dinosaur. I really am. I was stuck and not moving forward. Really a disconcerting revelation to have. I'm attempting to grow. I really am. but it's a painful process.

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