Friday, June 18, 2010

It's gonna get hot

This is Texas and it's hot in the summer. Especially when you have to walk across sun baked asphalt to go buy groceries. But one of the really great things about where we live is that there are no shortage of places to go cool off.

Today we went to a city park. A park that happens to be a water playground. A great concept and for a buck a piece the kids can go get wet and not make mud holes in my yard. Or violate any watering restrictions. And it seems we've always got watering restrictions here.

Hyper Boy likes the water cannons.

He also gets in trouble for running. A lot.

Shooting at a place like this is interesting. There's very little shade and we're often there when the sun is high. Lots of overexposed backgrounds and under exposed kiddos.

And then there is the water. You can't get too close, for obvious reasons. So you need some decent reach. Make sure you use a fast enough shutter speed to not only overcome the camera shake from the long focal length, but to stop the water. If you want to stop the water.

Sometimes stopping the water doesn't turn out as cool as you'd think.

But really, if everyone is having fun does it matter if the water looks like someone sneezed all over your lens?

By the way... if you want to see any of the images a bit larger, just click on them. :)


  1. Looks like you guys all had fun. I love "hyper boy" in his shades at the water gun lol!!

  2. They had a blast. Hyper Boy wears his Rec Specs everywhere. They're prescription and we had transitions lenses put in them. We would not have survived flag football without Rec Specs.