Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neosporin is magical

Dance Concert 2010

This year was Dancer Girl’s 4th spring concert. She had 7 numbers, one was performed twice. That means 6 costumes. A total of 6 earring changes. On her only 4 month old piercings that was a lot of changes.

The dress rehearsal, which is done in full costume and hair, but no makeup, had her in tears. Her ears were puffy and sore and it was getting hard to put an earring in. I was starting to panic. But I remembered what my sister told me about her daughter using Neosporin on her ears, because she has sensitive ears, and thought it might be worth a try. I got the pain relief kind. Dabbed it on the earrings and those puppies slid right in. No tears.

Greatest thing ever! EVER!

Here’s where I have to mention my first experience with Neosporin with pain relief…. Hyper Boy was born with a minor case of Chordee. You can google it if you really want to learn more, just watch out for those pictures. Basically for Hyper Boy it meant instead of having a normal circumcision, having minor plastic surgery at three months old to, umm, straighten him out.

I had to put Neosporin with pain relief on his incision for two weeks. That is one place no mother should ever have to rub cream on her son.

Bottom line… Neosporin with pain relief has a lot of uses. It is truly magical stuff.

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