Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ok, so I planned on posting some shots I took tonight at Billy Bob's, but I didn't. It's already Sunday and I've completely missed posting on Satuday.

So here's a story about this guy....

Locking they keys in the car.

Everyone has done it, right? There’s that moment when you shut the door and you realize that your keys are inside. And you are outside. And there is a locked door between you. Nothing beats the pure self loathing you feel in that moment.

The only time I know of that Bear locked his keys in the car was on our honeymoon. We stopped in Vicksburg at the state welcome center. All I can say is thank you Saturn for the little credit card keys they made. Bear had it in his wallet so it wasn’t a big deal.

I’ve locked my keys in the car several times. Every single time was in my own drive way. Usually when I was getting things out of the car. But there was one time I was putting things into the car. And that was the only time it was a big deal.

I locked Hyper Boy in the car. It was may dad’s truck actually. I had the car seat in the front with the passenger airbag turned off. Hyper Boy thought this was cool. He was two years old and the novelty of the front seat had him squealing happily.

I set my keys in the passenger side floor board. Usually in my car I drop them in the driver’s seat when I buckle the kid in. It’s never a big deal in my car. But it was in my dad’s truck. You see, in the front seat of a Ford Ranger Hyper Boy can reach the locks.

I heard that click and panic set in.

It was April so it wasn’t really hot yet, thank goodness. I’m a forgetful person but I prided myself on the fact that I had never locked my kid in the car. I had wondered how a mother could do that? Seriously? How can you accidentally lock your kid in the car?

But he was locked in. And I had to call the fire department to get him out.


  1. I think locking your keys out makes you feel like the BIGGEST idiot - it's worse than falling in public.

  2. Fortunately every lock has a weak spot. It may take an expert locksmith to find it, but it's there!