Monday, June 21, 2010

Video Games : My kids are freaks

So I’m at The Pioneer Woman’s site and checking out her videos. I love her by the way, and blame craftysprinkles for my obsession. Anyway, so I’m looking at the videos and see her “Questionable Parenting” post.

Eleven year old kid being thrown from a wild burro. Yeah. I cringed. I was like “Oh my gosh! How could any mom do that?” But then I look over at my son, who spends a good portion of his day playing video games that make most moms cringe and say “Oh my gosh! How could any mom do that?”

It’s all about lifestyle and perspective. For The Pioneer Woman’s kids that is their way of life. Those kids have probably been on horses since they came out of the womb. Likewise, for my kids video games are a way of life. They have been holding controllers since they came out of the womb. In fact, sometimes I wonder if Hyper Boy had a USB cable instead of an umbilical cord. I had a c-section and was heavily medicated so how would I know?

In our case we’re extreme because my wonderful husband has the dream job of many geeks in the world. He makes video games. Add to that the fact that both of us love our video games and you get kids who expect games to be a part of their daily life. This is what happens when geeks reproduce. We create uber geeks. We have family video game night and play Rockband together complete with the fog and light show.

“Carry on my wayward son….”

Sorry, got distracted there. What was I saying? Oh yeah, my kids are freaks. But that’s ok. Other people’s kids are freaks, too.

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  1. LOL you crack me up!! It's like our house with a laptop for every member :)

  2. I'm the only one with a laptop, but we've got 6 PC desktops and 1 iMac on our network here at home.