Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was just thinking....

I was just reading an article on the current oil disaster. It talked about other environmental disasters that man has wrought on his world. I really never thought much about the Dust Bowl. I never would have considered it an environmental disaster.

In school I learned it was a horrible drought. Thanks to john Steinbeck I’ve got some perspective as to what it was like for people who were directly affected by it. According to my dad it’s part of the reason his family ended up in California, but that is another story for another time.

But all this time I thought it was a naturally occurring phenomenon. I never knew, never really thought, that we humans could have been responsible.

If you haven’t read about the why’s, I’ll sum up. Over farming and poor ranch management helped kill off the native grasses. The top layer of soil lay loose. When there was a naturally occurring drought the loose soil dried out and took to the air, creating huge clouds of dust. Those clouds of dust caused tremendous amounts of damage to crops, livestock and humans and really wonked up the weather.

How much of that drought was caused by lack of vegetation in general as well? “Less rainforest means less rain.” (can you name that movie?)

Thank you Hurricane Ike for Rainbowl 2008. We lost, but it was fun.

So I’m wondering about today, here in the north Texas area. It’s hot. Every summer seems hotter than the last. Droughts are becoming more frequent. More and more severe. Every summer we see the lake levels dwindle lower and lower here.

Lakes in Texas, there’s another topic. There’s one naturally occurring lake in Texas. Name it.

But back to the environment… It’s really something to stop and think about. It makes me wonder if we have to worry about a major drought? We’ve already seen the effects of global warming (yeah, I’m one of those people) And if it’s coming, is there anything we can do to stop it?

This time of year wait for rain because if it's too dry they prohibit fireworksand we have to rely on Grandpa Spunkie getting crazy with the sparklers.

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