Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marker text

I've become obsessed with Polaroids. Consequently, I'm working on making my text look more like a marker. I was asked how I do it and thought that it would make for a useful post. I started with a tutorial I found, I really wish I could remember where because the guy had some great tutorials. But it didn't quite get me everything I wanted, so I changed things a little.

anyway... here's what I do. It's by no means the only way to do this, it's just what I've been doing. I'm using Photoshop CS5

Start with your text in a handwritten looking font.

Copy the text into a new layer and apply a 2 pixel Gaussian blur.

Then use wind (it's under filter then stylize). I used stagger and from the right so that it smudges to the left, since I'm left handed. At least that was my rationalization... but now I think maybe I should smudge it the other way. I may have to get the sharpies out for some real world tests.

You'll probably want to turn the opacity down on your copied layer now. I put mine around 40%. but if you like it really messy, leave it darker. You may end up with a little glob of black where you don't want it, like on the edge. Now is the time to use the handy dandy eraser tool and get rid of it.

Go back to your original layer of text. Copy and paste it again. Apply a 1 pixel Gaussian blur this time and then merge the three text layers together

Next you want to distort it just a little. Use the ripple (look under filter then distort). Not too much, just enough to make it a little wobbly.

Anyway, that's how I do it. If anyone has a different method please share!

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