Monday, July 12, 2010

Maybe they're not evil

I used to bash cell phone cameras. I'm here to say I was wrong. What? I can admit it. (yes Bear, I can) I have long said it's not the camera that makes the shot but the photographer and a recent post on another blog made me realize my stance on cell phone cameras was a tad hypocritical.

OK, it's a LOT hypocritical. Cell phone cameras are not evil. Something that's even tougher for me to say is that one of the best in phone cameras is on the iPhone.

Now that I've been all humble and done that, I'll post some point and shoot shots. Because I read on message boards daily about people saying you can't get great shots with a point and shoot. Or that you must have a DSLR to get a great shot. Or the one I find really absurd, you must have a full frame DSLR to be a professional photographer.

While equipment can be limiting in some ways, it's not the camera that gets the shot. It's the photographer using it. Whether it's with a Canon, Nikon or even an iPhone, in the end what matters is the final product and not the camera that was used.

I didn't actually take this one, Bear did.

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