Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The Polaroid look is very popular right now, and I can see why. It's fun. It's fun to make, fun to look at... and it gives you some options you don't have when you are presenting a more traditional image. Like square cropping.

I've been playing with it. I downloaded a few Polaroid actions to see what people were doing, then decided to go on my own.

My first one..

The dimensions are off. The Polaroid frame just screams "hi! I'm here and clean and white!" and the image needs something.

A later attempt that I like better....
But the dimensions are still off, I hadn't corrected that yet. Lazy photochick! And it's still not quite there. Though I like the image in it better. The lomo style processing works well for this.

What I did today...
I dirtied it up more and corrected the dimensions. Stuck with lomo style processing. Still not there yet, but getting closer to what I want.

To make your own Polaroid, without any actions, in Photoshop....
 make a new document that is 3.5 by 4.25 inches with a transparent background.
Select an area that is about 3.1 inches square.
Invert the selection.
Fill the selected area with whatever color you want your frame to be.
Paste your cropped and processed image in, put it behind the frame layer.
Then add type, effects or distress the frame as you like.

That's how I did it. But there are a hundred different ways to do any given thing in Photoshop. And there are like a hundred and one free actions out there that do this for you. Feel free to speak up in the comments with your method or a link to a good one.

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