Friday, July 9, 2010

Randomness about me

I started painting my kitchen and living room in 2005. I ran out of paint close to the end. It's still not finished.

Bear and I had season passes to Six Flags in 1999 and went to San Antonio with the purpose of using our passes at Fiesta Texas. We were making our way down 35 through Austin when I realized my pass was back home (then in Arlington) on the coffee table.... where I put it so that I wouldn't forget it.

I was fifteen minutes late for my own wedding.

I'm 4' 11 3/4" tall.

I broke my right arm (compound fracture, got to see the bone and everything) in the second grade doing a cartwheel. Before then I had trouble telling my right from my left. Now I have a nifty scar to show me.

My kids do not do cartwheels.

I couldn't tell time on a regular clock (as opposed to a digital one) without counting the numbers until my husband bought me a Goofy watch that runs backwards. Never had trouble after that.

I can program in Atari Basic, Apple Basic and GW Basic. Sadly those skills have no marketable value today.

I cannot type. It really makes me wonder how my programs ever ran.

I have ADHD. Heavy on the AD... probably why I cannot type.

I gave Bear mild food poisoning the first time I cooked for him after we were married... though he now says he doesn't think it was, he was adamant that it was at the time. I have not made anyone sick with my cooking any other time.

When I was nine my brother in law threw a jumping jack (a little spinney firework) and it bounced toward my mom. She yelled. I freaked and spent the rest of July Fourth that year with a laundry basket over my head.


  1. I like reading randomness about people I don't know. I espeically like it that you and I are about the same height. LOL

    Oh, I found your blog via ThePioneerWoman's photography blog.


  2. Hehehe... so you know what it's like to not be able to reach that 2 liter of soda at the back of the top shelf at Walmart, too!