Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dance: Michael Jackson

From Dancer Girl's spring concert. They did a Michael Jackson tribute.

And that's all I've got tonight because we spent the afternoon seeing Sharks at the Omni theater in Fort Worth and I was a bad photochick and didn't take my camera. But we're going back soon. Dancer Girl and I want to go to the National Cowgirl Museum that is right next door.

As always, click to make it bigger.

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's gonna get hot

This is Texas and it's hot in the summer. Especially when you have to walk across sun baked asphalt to go buy groceries. But one of the really great things about where we live is that there are no shortage of places to go cool off.

Today we went to a city park. A park that happens to be a water playground. A great concept and for a buck a piece the kids can go get wet and not make mud holes in my yard. Or violate any watering restrictions. And it seems we've always got watering restrictions here.

Hyper Boy likes the water cannons.

He also gets in trouble for running. A lot.

Shooting at a place like this is interesting. There's very little shade and we're often there when the sun is high. Lots of overexposed backgrounds and under exposed kiddos.

And then there is the water. You can't get too close, for obvious reasons. So you need some decent reach. Make sure you use a fast enough shutter speed to not only overcome the camera shake from the long focal length, but to stop the water. If you want to stop the water.

Sometimes stopping the water doesn't turn out as cool as you'd think.

But really, if everyone is having fun does it matter if the water looks like someone sneezed all over your lens?

By the way... if you want to see any of the images a bit larger, just click on them. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you recognize this image, then you probably already know who I am! :)

This is not my first blog. Nope. I had one before. Actually more than one. The last one was about photography. And really, as much as I love photography, I just couldn’t keep rambling on about only photography. So I killed it.

I guess really my first website, The Cat House (circa 1995) was a blog of sorts. Before blogging was cool, or even a word. I was just ahead of my time. But like photography, there is only so much one can say about their cats. And other peoples cats. And the cuteness of cats. So I killed it.

But this blog… this will be the blog to end all blogs. One blog to rule them all, right? I can talk about photography and other things. What things you ask….

I’ve got no earthly idea. Ok, I’ve got ideas. But too many to list.

And here I am. Blogging again. Maybe someone will read it. Maybe no one will. Hopefully I’ll meet some new friends along the way. I like new friends online. Online friends are great. My online friends don’t know how crazy I am in the real world and never see how messy my house is. And it’s neat to be able to get a peek into life somewhere other than where you live.

That’s really what draws a lot of people to personal blogs, isn’t it? To find out how someone else lives? To laugh and cry with the life adventures of a complete stranger.

Ok, that just sounds voyeuristic. LOL

Hmmmm….. I guess I should tell you about me, huh? I’m in my mid thirties, have 2 kids and a great husband, my Bear, who worships and adores me. I live in the ’burbs of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I am short. Like not quite 5 foot. This is important. I have many misadventures because I am vertically challenged.

I’m a photographer, I’m trying to learn to be a better cook, I like to get crafty and I’m not a girly girl. The not a girly girl part makes the fact that I’m a dance mom, and my Dancer Girl is a total girly girl, really ironic.

I have ADHD so I ramble and things stray off topic. A lot. My son also has ADHD and I really feel bad for my husband sometimes because has to deal with both of us. Poor Bear. Hyper Boy and I can be a handful. Good thing Dancer Girl is pretty reserved or this place would be a real nut house.

I’m also going back to school this fall. It seems I’m perpetually trying to finish my degree. It’s been seven years, give or take, since my last class so we’ll see how that goes. At least I’m not taking any math. I’d be in serious trouble if I took math.

My dad was In the Navy and I grew up a military brat. It’s relevant at times. Others not. And now you know about me so here goes. Voyeur away. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Feel free to laugh at me as well. I do.