Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation photo obsessing

We're going on vacation soon. It's the first vacation we've had since 2004 and I'm excited. But then we come back and I start school along with the kids. And that terrifies me.

Anyway... I talk about photography all the time. And we're taking this trip. And I'm wondering what happens if I get home and all my images totally suck? Do I change my major? Move to another country? Change my *gasp* screen name?

So I'm looking over stuff I've taken the last few years on outings where it really would have sucked to have sucked. And of course sharing, because I like to share. I'm nice that way.

Really, I am.

I took Dancer Girl to Dealey Plaza to take pictures. That the camera from my avatar, by the way. And it's completely manual... yeah, I'm bragging on her.

At Medieval Times... this was my favorite shot of the day. That sword stuck down the back of his shirt.

I love his Dirty Harry look here.

Ok.. you're probably going um.... these shots really aren't that great? And yeah, you're right. They're not. But that doesn't stop them from being some of my favorites.

See, I realized I need to take the same advice I've given others and stop worrying about taking great shots. Just take pictures. They don't have to be images that make others go wow. They just need to make you happy.

Now I need to start making my packing list because I'm going to go see Mickey.