Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spelling Bee

Dancer Girl won the school spelling bee and went to the district bee. She did well. Initially we thought she placed 5th, but then realized that according to the rules she tied for third! Anyway, she is only in 5th grade and has 3 more years of eligibility and is planning on going and winning the district bee next year. We also realized that when she is in 8th grade, Hyper Boy will be in 5th grade. He's a good speller as well and it is not outside the realm of possibility that they could both be at the district bee at the same time.

To that end, we are learning to spell new words at our house and have decided that every Friday night we will have a family spelling bee. Because quite frankly it's embarrassing that my 2nd grader spells better than I do.

It's hard though to make a list of words that balance what both kids can do. I've made a list and I have a good range though. We started with Hyper Boy's recent spelling words and pulled some from the spelling bee list then added some of our own words.

den, eat, again, start, should, before, high, found, home, tank, appoint, charge, quiz, guard, train, around, wanting, ace, skin, kitten, icing, respell, groom, status, prime, chuckle, griddle, expire, mention, valley, yokel, yippee, magical, desirable, cistern, penalty, infectious, maimed, melee, wounded, whisperer, sabotage, submarine, incendiary, carnage, apocalyptic, nonnegotiable, indomitable, rambunctious, arabesque, infallible, inflatable, Midway, worldwide, battlecry, clearance, abnormal, eyelid, payday, Blockdot

The plan is for a different person to give the words each week (which could prove interesting with Hyper Boy) and everyone will get a prize if they participate. Again, gotta have motivation for Hyper Boy. and if we run through the whole list and no one misses we'll have to pull form the longer Spellit.com list with the really hard words!

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