Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Working on a black and white project. I have to say, taking your son to a park in camo face paint with a bunch of toy weapons does get you some strange looks. Hyper Boy, who loves all things related to the military, loved getting into the role of a commando.

If you have a problem with kids and toy guns, you might not want to look at this post. Part of my inspiration for this set of shots is a Diane Arbus image. You can see it here..

Now for what I shot...

I know, not the usual cute kid stuff I post. No happy fluffy bunnies here. But I was going for something a little unusual. Maybe something about kids, and playing, and toy guns. And how little boys can't just play solider anymore without being looked upon as future terrorists.

Hyper Boy is one of the least aggressive almost 8 year old boys I know. But he does love to play soldier. And I wonder if that's part of why he's not very aggressive the rest of the time. Maybe he gets a lot of that out when he plays.

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