Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's hot and I wanna go back to Florida.

OK, it's Texas in July. So it's supposed to be hot. But this year is another one of those record setting many days hitting 100 degree summers. Here's my question, if we keep setting more records to the extremes isn't that a sign that something is wonky? Hello? global warming? Hotter summers and colder winters because the ocean temperatures are off and that messes with the jet stream and all that.

Wait... did I sound quasi intelligent there? I need to stop that.

Anyway, I've sorely neglected my little blog here. I had classes. Then dance recital. Then 2 weeks in Orlando. Too bad is wasn't 2 weeks with Orlando Bloom. LOL (just kidding, Bear. You know I prefer Vin Diesel)

So I'll blog. We went back to the World of Mickey this summer and it was hot. But not Texas hot, so really it felt nice. Seriously, 95 degrees is significantly less sweltering than 105 degrees. And it actually got chilly feeling at night there. OK, so maybe it was only chilly when you came out of the pool. Or got drenched on Kali River Rapids. Or by the rain. We did see some rain.

But the highlight of the trip for me was going to Kennedy Space Center. I'm a geek (shocker, I know) and I grew up with a poster of Buzz Aldrin on my wall (Neil Armstrong is not the astronaut in that picture on the moon). And of Discovery lifting off. My mouse pad has Bruce McCandless on it (yeah, you've seen his picture but you have no clue who he is, I know.). So going to KSC, especially when we'd get to see a shuttle on the launch pad, was pretty cool for me.

Note*** the shots are cropped 16x9 for the video I did. I'm too lazy to crop again. LOL

OK, we start here. And inside I'm jumping up and down shouting "I'm at NASA! I'm at freaking NASA!"

Then we went and saw the Rocket Garden. But I've seen capsules that have been into space at the Smithsonian, so it wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. But it was way cool.

We saw the cool Star Trek stuff they had going on.. I think they dumped the contents of Star Trek The Experience from the Las Vegas Hilton into a truck and took it on tour. It was still neat though. But the best part was the tour. We did the guided tour. I got to see this....

And then we saw this....

Oh wait... that's not a good shot. How about this one...

That's not a crop by the way and it's the closest you can get on a tour. The only bummer was that they had the orbiter covered so we couldn't see anything but gray on the other side. We debated about heading into the area for the launch. We were in Orlando that day. But I just couldn't see dragging the kids there and camping out the night before for something that I wanted to do and they weren't really interested in (big swing and a miss for genetic memory on that one). We had hoped to see Atlantis fly over the Magic Kingdom, and we were a good spot for it, but the clouds were against us. Guess I can get up stupid early and look for it as it comes in to land on the morning of the 21st. Sometimes you can see it fly over DFW.

I have more, but hyper boy needs me right now.

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