Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final project time

OK, so the semester just finished and I had a final project due. This project was different because I actually had a theme. It wasn't scattered or random, but an honest to goodness theme. And it was actually a decent one for a change.

I totally abused the heck out of Bear for this project. But really, he was kind of the inspiration. It started with this image that I did for a color of light project...

Which made me want to do that shot a little better, so that it meant a little more and I got this..

 which led to a series of 8 shots (I'm only posting a few because really, do you want to see the sucky ones?) and that made it a project.

And I finished out with this....

So if you didn't get it, the theme is smartphone obsession. And how they connect us to the world but can disconnect us from our immidate surroundings. And that's as deep as I'm gonna get with it.

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