Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance time...

Last weekend was Dancer Girl's big year end dance concert. a 12 hour dress rehearsal followed the next day by a 6 hour concert. Did I mention she opened and closed the show? She opened each of the 3 acts as well. Ain't no rest for the dance mom.

Anyway, what kind of dance mom would I be if I didn't take pictures of the concert. I shoot this type of event once a year, this was my 6th one. I think I'm finally getting a feel for this type of shooting.

Can't wait to shoot the concert next year when I have my new toys!


  1. Wow.. it's been a while since I've seen Katie I guess!! She is SO grown up looking!!! And beautiful, of course :) She looks so much like you... We need to have a get together.. would ya'll like to come over for dinner maybe sunday?

    1. I should check my comments more. LOL We do need to get together sometime soon.